Grasp one or two dumbbells and stand on a calf raise block, (I just use the bottom stair). Put only the front 1/3 of your feet on the block, with the back of your feet hanging off. Slowly push up with your toes until your ankles are extended all of the way. Slowly lower yourself all the way down to get a good stretch at the bottom of the movement. Repeat for reps.

Calf Raises


This exercise is done the same way that standard calf raises are, except that you do them with only one leg. Hook the foot of your non working leg behind the ankle of your working leg for balance. For additional balance support you can lightly grasp a bench, wall, or some other sturdy structure with your non working side arm. Remember that this is only for balance, and you should not use this arm to help in the execution of the exercise in any way.

One Legged Calf raises


This exercise is very similar to standard calf raises, with the difference being that you bend forward at the waist until your hips form a 90 degree angle. You should lean forward onto something that can be used for support such as a bench, or a higher step, if you are using the bottom step. Advanced weight trainers often use additional resistance in the form of a weighted belt, or even someone sitting on their back.

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