Workouts That

An introduction into the somewhat strange, but always informative, world of Workouts That Work!

Proper Form
Brief descriptions of the proper way to perform various exercises, arranged by body part, and accessed through a cool drop down menu.

Sets, Reps and Weight
Some opinions on the proper amount sets, repetitions and amount of weight used to ensure continued progress in your fitness goals.

Splits and Frequency
How often should you lift weights? What body parts should you train at the same time? Find out here.

Some basic guidelines geared toward good eating habits, and weight manipulation.

What type of cardiovascular exercises you should do, and how often you should do them.

Home Gym
Information on getting fit right in your own home, without going bankrupt.

Weightlifting for Women
Yes, women need to lift weights, and no, it won't make you big and burly, trust me.

Alcohol and Drugs
Uh...I forgot what I was going to say.

Descriptions of, and opinions on, various dietary supplements, including thermogenics and creatine.

Workout Log
Insight into the importance of keeping track of your workout progress.

Some thoughts on what it takes to get us, and keep us, going.

A page on how you can effectively work out with only a pair of dumbbells, (I'm talking about wieghts, not two of your friends).

How to tell if you are overdoing it in the weight room, and what to do to fix it.

Body Fat
A little information on how much fat is too much fat.

Our Children's Fitness
Do children need to work out? Find out here.

Advanced Techniques
Some opinions on techniques that might help achieve your fitness goals.

Muscular Anatomy
Visual depictions of the various muscle groups in the body, arranged by body part, and accessed through a cool drop down menu.

Periodization and
Thoughts on the Periodization method of weight training, and methods of determining the proper intensity.

Getting Older
Ideas on staying healthy and fit as we get on in years

How to utilize running to help stay fit and healthy


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September 11, 2001