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1. What is the optimal range of repetitions per set of a given exercise to promote both strength gains and muscular growth ?

2. How much time should you allow for any given bodypart to recuperate after training it with weights ?
1 day
2-3 days
5-7 days
a week or two

3. What are skull crushers ?
a bad spotter
a type of push-up
Another name for lying tricep extensions
A high pull-up bar, and a low ceiling

4. Gluteus Maximus refers to what ?
A shoulder muscle
A newly developed leg exercise machine
An ancient Roman Emporer
See Tylene Buck, or Theresa Hessler

5. What is the definition of Aerobic exercise ?
Exercise in which oxygen is used as a primary fuel source
It's French for "Dancing gay guy"
It's German for "Riding your bike to the liquor store"
Exercise in which fat is used as a primary fuel source

6. Which best describes Circuit Training ?
Training too close to an electrical outlet
Training one set each, per body part, one after another, with little or no rest in between, repeated three times
A new fad in the Aerobics Class crowd
Cycling periods of high intensity training, with lower intensity training

7. Women who lift weights can look forward to...
Growing facial hair, changing their names to Butch, and wearing biker wallets
Getting firm, shapely and sexy
Gaining approximately 40 pounds, on average
Bending steel bars with their bare hands in carnival side shows

8. What body part is the standard dead lift credited with working most directly ?
Lower Back
The Trapezious region

9. What body part is the stiff-legged dead lift credited with working most directly ?
Lower Back

10. What are "Arm Flexors" ?
A big ass set of dumbbells
A variation of standard dumbbell curls developed by former Mr. Universe Mike Mentzer
The three main muscles involved in bending your arm
A tatoo of a naked lady on your forearm, which appears to dance when your forearm muscle flexes


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September 11, 2001