West - Aqua Mysterioso

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When the day is done and night is falling
The Sun has set and the Moon is calling
There's something in the air tonight
That's feeling very wrong or very right
You've stood before on this station platform
You drink while you wait on the Mystery Train
You know where these tracks are bound
And you board anyway

The light takes on a Luciferous sheen
Old friends gather to ask you where you've been
They search for those to exsanguinate
The broken light assumes a ghostly shape
You've sat here in this berth before
And gambled your mind on the Mystery Train
Loaded dice, stacked deck
And you bet anyway

All is controlled from a central source
Madness, or is your fate to be something worse?
To wander the Earth as a broken wraith
Stuck on the ground or is it a lack of faith?
The train's pulled in as ever it has
As it will until the end of time
You broke even but I'm not sure
It's the end of the line

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums / Keyboard

© 2009 all rights reserved

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