West - The Abyss

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Purveyor of eternal darkness
Provider of eternal pain
It seeks to destroy all that is good
In it's place it brings eternal shame
It seeks to increase it's dominion
With the souls of unsuspecting fools
The answer to the promise of paradise
Is the promise of human cesspools
And for ever more it shall go
As desperation continues to grow
Welcome to The Abyss

Torment and agony scream
Never to be granted relief
Such is the price that the wicked shall pay
It matters not your belief
Throughout your entire lifetime
You ignored those that needed you most
But for eternity you have entered the realm
And are subject to your evil host
You feel the emptiness of regret
For all the things with which you were beset
Now you're in The Abyss

To suffer eternal damnation
The price to pay for mortal sin
While the ruler of darkness surveys his realm
All the while with an evil grin
His minions take pleasure in torture
You are the subject as their pleasure grows
You're cast into the river of madness
To be taken wherever it flows
With no hope to ever ascend
The agony will never end
In The Abyss

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums / Keyboard

© 2009 all rights reserved

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