West - Twilight

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Twilight is upon you
It feels as though you're near the end
In times of desperation
You can always use a friend
But where is the hope when everyone turns away?

No you never, never, never lost hope
I can still see your smilin' face
But now you wonder what's the use in tryin'
And all you really need is a warm embrace
But all you ever seem to get is pushed away

Now you don't think you can carry on
When everything you've ever lived for
Has come and gone

But what's this I see?
It's a bright shining, rising sun
And everyone who ever truly loved you
Have all come to live as one
'Cause after every twilight, there'll be a brand new day

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitars / Bass
James West - Keyboard / Drums

© 2009 all rights reserved

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