West - Who Will Remember Me?

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You see them each and every day
They're the ones who shape the world
Important folks, they're just beyond your reach
I can see you strive and aspire to
The heights that they've achieved
To never have to practice what you preach

You can read about their lives
Their exploits and their "loves"
A great masquerade for all the world to see
Run-ins with the law
And the "Hundred Hottest Babes"
They'll find a way to go down in history

They only party with the best, you see
The very picture of hypocrisy
They keep you glued to your TV

Ah but me, I'm just a simple man
I mean just what I say
What you see is what you're gonna get
I live each day in my own way
With responsibilty
I haven't got my fame and fortune yet

I try to live with honesty
A little bit of integrity
But Who Will Remember Me?

As time goes by I feel the need to say
The life I've known has never been too bad
I've made all my own ups and downs
I take the credit and the blame
I'm grateful for the chances that I've had

I've tried to live with honesty
And a little integrity
Who Will Remember Me?

Bill West - Guitars / Bass
James West - Vocals / Guitars / Drums / Keyboard

© 2009 all rights reserved

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