Another Perfect Day In Paradise
by Bill West

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Football's on TV 24/7
I take my meals in topless bars
The speed limit's posted as a friendly suggestion
While I zip 'round town in my German engineered car

Drinks are set up when I walk into the barroom
It's always "Hey, no charge, it's on the house for you"
My new friends recognize my unique genius
So they're happy to do for me all that they can do

What about all these women?
There ain't no strings attached
I fulfill their dreams
Then I whip up another batch

Every time I roll the dice they come up seven
If I hit 19 I make 21
The Queen Of Diamonds always fills my inside Royal Flush
Three sevens on the reels, another jackpot won

What to do about all this money?
It ain't gonna spend itself
Gonna cash my chips in
And raise me a litlle Hell

'Cept for a few minor details, that's the life I've been livin'
(No, really. Really)
Now I live a life like I've never dreamed
You see, the dream I'm living starts because I've drawn the Queen Of Hearts
What you think you want can't stand next to what you need

In the morning when I wake up
You're right there by my side
And you'll be there when the sun sets
Late at night

And every day I spend with you
Is another perfect day in paradise

Yeah, every day I spend with you
Is another perfect day in paradise