I Can Do Without
by West
Written by Bill and James West

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I know I've seen your face before
When I opened the door, my jaw just hit the floor

You most certainly had a peculiar style
Thunder struck and the dogs went wild

Had an epiphany of sorts

You made my skin crawl and I wanted to shout
You're the kind of thing I Can Do Without

I saw the kinds of things on which you depend
It made my stomach turn it made my hair stand on end

You worm your way into the daily grind
Undetectable it's like you sneak up from behind

Like a Ninja in the night

Well I finally learned what you're all about
I've got my mind made up I Can Do Without

Hello, Baby, can you say goodbye?
You showed up here in the blink of an eye

Your sincere concern is a big put on
What I really want is to see you gone

Hey, are you still here?

There's one way in and one way out
You're the kind of thing I Can Do Without

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Electric Guitar / Bass
James West - Electric Guitar / Keyboard / Drums

© 2010 all rights reserved

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