Don't Let Me Forget

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Remember when we hadn't a care in the world
Never thought twice about things that we should
Decisions we made, or where we were going
Only concern was if it made us feel good
Times we spent, happy together
Carefree, young and unknowing
Time passes us by, we're left unaware
Overwhelmed by how fast it is going
Don't Let Me Forget, I don't wanna forget

There were times in Gods Garden so long ago
From the Canon walls we could see for miles
School days, and warm summer nights
We'd drive to the valley to escape for a while
Often times the drink would flow freely
The paths we took seemed new and bold
We've said goodbye to some friends and some family
All along we knew we would never grow old
Don't Let Me Forget, I don't wanna forget

Remember when we carried the weight of the world
As though without us it wouldn't turn
Too tired to care where we were going
Just to go faster was our only concern
Let's spend some time, loving together
Older and, hopefully, wise
Time goes by, but we live our lives
As we choose, with wide open eyes
Don't Let Me Forget, I don't wanna forget
I wanna remember forever

Bill West - Guitars / Bass
James West - Guitars / Drums
Tina West - Vocals

© 2008 all rights reserved

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