Love Will Find You

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Now, when I'm walking down the street
My baby next to me
And I feel the eyes upon us
I can feel the jealousy

See, everybody wants a love
A love so true and fine
I wish that everyone could have
A love as good as mine

Well, I shout it to the world sometimes
My Baby's love is oh so fine

Love can make a man do things
Some things he shouldn't do
Like lose his home and his family
From acting like a fool

You keep your wits about you
Don't you do no lover's crime
'Cause love is gonna come to you
In it's own sweet time

Don't waste your time up dead end streets
When you find love it's oh so sweet

Now, me and my sweet baby
Don't always see eye to eye
We sure do see heart to heart
It alway' turn out right

I know I love this woman, yeah
And she loves me for sho'
It's all that I could ask for
I ain't got to say no mo'

Bill West - Vocals / Guitars
James West - Guitars / Bass / Drums

© 2008 all rights reserved

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