Ride This Sucker Out
by West
Written by Bill, James, and Tina West

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The waves build up and then move in
They crash upon the shore
You feel them as they call to you
You keep comin' back for more
Keep on ridin'
Don't give in to doubt
Even if you've gotten in over your head
You gotta Ride This Sucker Out

Crashin' in like a tidal wave
There were warnings that you ignored
And now my friend it's a matter of time
'til your world can be restored
Keep on ridin'
I can hear you scream and shout
Gasping for air, overcome with despair
You gotta Ride This Sucker Out

It's a bad way you've found yourself in
Full of wrong turns and mistakes
Up is down and air comes dear
It's all that you can take
Keep on ridin'
You'll find what it's all about
You can't wipe out on a 20 foot wave
You gotta Ride This Sucker Out

You try to portray confidence
You show a happy grin
But there's no escape from the rising tide
And the storm clouds movin' in

The waves build higher and higher
They bring you in to a rocky shore
But you know you're comin' in safe now
Like so many times before
Keep on ridin'
You've won this latest bout
But in your heart you know there's more to come
You gotta Ride This Sucker Out

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Keyboard / Drums

© 2011 all rights reserved

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