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  1. Act 1

  2. The Time of Our Lives
    2:40 (Bill West/James West/Tina West)
    The opening tune telling of the simple folk living in peace and blissful ignorance.

  3. The Fool
    3:41 (Bill West/James West)
    Certain villagers deride the gloom and doom alarmist who tries to warn them that they cannot be complacent, and that evil is always lurking around the corner.

  4. Sarina
    3:02 (Bill West/James West)
    Introduces the nondescript, yet intriguing girl in the village who came from afar when still a baby. Her history, and the song, are still somewhat vague.

  5. When The Wizard Comes To Town
    5:48 (Bill West/James West)
    It's celebration time in the village with magic tricks galore. But the mysterious ancient wizard may be here for more than just a party.


  6. Foretold Pt.1
    1:41 (Bill West/James West)

    Act 2

  7. Dark Wings
    3:36 (Bill West/James West/Tina West)
    Evil creatures take to flight searching the countryside. For what, or whom, are they searching?

    Two Apprentices
    5:38 (Bill West/James West)
    A flash back to ages past. Two apprentices to the same master. Deception and jealousy lead to a horrific battle. The evil counterpart is struck down and stripped of his mortal form, but can one so evil be killed in such a manner? She who was foretold begins to understand.

  9. I Saw Somethin'
    1:56 (Bill West/James West)
    Checking on his moonshine still in the forest is usually pretty routine for this medieval redneck, but this trip into the forest turns out to be anything but usual.


  10. Foretold Pt.2
    1:41 (Bill West/James West)

    Act 3

  11. Arising
    5:15 (Bill West/James West)
    Animals and enchanted creatures alike are dying mysteriously deep in the forest. An age-old evil is returning to the realm.

  12. Amassing
    4:53 (Bill West/James West)
    The evil one is forming his legions of foul creatures, denizens and minions of darkness across the mountains just to the west of the villages.

  13. The Price Of Deception
    7:22 (Bill West/James West)
    Faced with circumstances that may very well determine the fate of all mankind, Sarina contemplates good and evil.


  14. Foretold Pt.3
    1:52 (Bill West/James West)

    Act 4

  15. The Battle
    5:30 (Bill West/James West)
    The Villagers, against all odds, rise to meet the threat.

  16. Farewell To The Wizard
    4:42 (Bill West/James West)
  17. Grand Finale
    3:53 (Bill West/James West)


  18. Foretold Pt.4
    1:41 (Bill West/James West)

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