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It Came To Me On Christmas
by West
Written by Bill and James West

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I awoke before dawn on a Christmas day
With light shining all around me
The room was lit up with a warm rosy glow
From the lights on a neighboring tree
My dreams had been filled with harrowing memories
Of Christmases past, and their ghosts
And something bestowing upon me
What my spirit was needing the most

At times it did seem that the entire world
Was immersed in anger and fear
And nothing I witnessed had made me believe
That things should be different this year
A glimmer of hope was all that I wished
A chance for humanity's soul
That which for so long has been torn asunder
To ultimately be made whole

I've seen the effects of Christmas on people
Unyielding, in belief so steadfast
I'll strive and I'll hope to make the most of this day
For this one could well be my last
For me the importance of Christmas
Is not about how one might pray
If peace upon Earth and goodwill to your neighbor
Can arise on a Christmas day

The bloodshed and hate we've been witness to
Perhaps it is making us numb
We say there is no chance to end it
So we act as though blind, deaf and dumb
In the incessant battle, who's wrong and who's right?
The drive with conviction to prove
A good righteous God is no party to this
Let the facade be removed

I awoke before dawn on a Christmas day
The light shining inside of me
My heart was lit up with a warm rosy glow
I knew that my soul was set free
My dreams were fulfilled I had nothing but hope
All of my fears gone away
A new life was bestowed upon me
On this glorious Christmas day

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Electric Guitar / Bass
James West - 12 String Acoustic Guitar / Vocals / Keyboard / Electric Guitar /Drums

© 2011 all rights reserved

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It Came To Me On Christmas