James West - The Killer Instinct

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It's three o'clock in the morning
There's no moon in the sky
You're walkin' through a pitch black alley
It's a real good night to die
What's that noise you hear behind you?
You jump right out of your skin
You scream as I creep up on you
I've got the killer instinct

You can't sleep you're tossing and turning
You're in that great big house all alone
You're hopin' that you locked all the doors up tight
The wind starts to whisper and moan
A shadow on your bedroom window
It's so easy how the glass breaks in
You scream as I leap in upon you
I've got the killer instinct

A cold dark deserted highway
No service for a hundred more miles
Headlights speeding up behind you
The first that you've seen in a while
It just takes a little nudge on your bumper
You're crashing to a stop in the ditch
You scream as I look in upon you
I've got the killer instinct

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The Killer Instinct