West - A Different Perspective

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I burn with fire, I write in blood
Listen to the roar of the ravening flood
The road to nowhere, the highway to hell
These are the paths that I've known so well
The alienation you feel
It ain't no dream, it's oh so real
The fabric of reality
It ain't like what it used to be

What once was a passion for life
Meets a bloody end at the point of a knife
The optimism that I used to know
Dies a death that is painful and slow
Getting knocked down, always, it seems
The loss of hope, the loss of dreams
"Keep your head up" is what they say
I make a much better target that way

Perspectives change, they're just points of view
You don't see yourself the way I see you
What is real? Where starts the dream?
You see that things aren't  what they seem
You're confident, the situation's in hand
All opposition, effectively banned
But think what you will, say what you may
I will emerge as the victor this day

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums / Keyboard

© 2012 all rights reserved

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