West - Electric Safari

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Well Alright!

It's midnight, the time is right
This expedition is about to take flight
Cruisin' round, we got the top down
We make our way to the sacred ground
We bathe in the light of the neon glare
Man, you know, it's a jungle out there
Some times the sky's so clear and starry
Tonight we go on Electric Safari

Toil and trouble, struggle and strife
Step right out of your humdrum life
Get up there, with the wind in your hair
You can act a fool, Baby, nobody cares
Oh, where you're going to, where you're coming from
Don't give it a thought, tomorrow might never come
You've got the keys to a hot rod Ferrari
Tonight we're out on Electric Safari

Stalkin' my prey, I can feel my heart beat
Gotta know how to time it, know when to move your feet
Sweat is pouring, I can feel my blood flow, oooh
Don't you know I'm gonna get you and I'm never gonna let you go, NO!!

Well Alright!

Up and down the strip, takin' in the sights
It seems the natives are restless tonight
Strutting and posing, it's all on display
Get whatever you want, you just gotta pay
Screams of sirens cut through the din
You know where you're going, you know where you've been
You're not gonna hear us say we're sorry
We've been out all night on Electric Safari


Mmmm, hmmm

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums

© 2011 all rights reserved

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