Bill and James West - Scoot Yer' Boots

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You're sittin' in the corner just lookin' like a bump on a log
Your eyes are glazed over and it seems like you're lost in a fog
You've had a luke-warm beer in your hand for an hour or two
And you look like someone who hasn't got a clue
You're wound up so tight your eyes might pop out of your head
I tried to start a conversation but you didn't hear a word I said
You gotta throw yourself into the midst of things
Let the chips fall where they may and see just what life brings

You aint getting' nowhere feelin' sorry for yourself
You gotta get your scootin' boots down off the shelf
Get yourself a partner and get out on the floor
Once you get to movin' you won't feel bad no more
You feel the beat of the drums and the guitar's callin' to you
The music gets inside you all the way through
Now if you don't understand what I'm talkin' about
You better check your pulse you better get yourself checked out

You aint at no funeral
You aint wearin' no three piece suit
You aint gonna get a written invitation
Now get off your ass and, Scoot Yer' Boots

Now you've got a fire in your belly, you got ants in your pants
When the music starts to rockin' you're just gonna have to dance
That beer ain't gonna sit there long enough to get cold
You've got a long way to go before you start to get old
You get up early in the morning and you work hard all day
You can't sit around and mope, that's what I say
The truth is, nobody's got it made
So don't watch it go by, you gotta lead the parade

Bill West - Guitars
James West - Bass / Drums / Guitar
Tina West - Vocals

© 2009 all rights reserved

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