Bill and James West - You Never Can Tell

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She was the kind of girl who could turn your head
From across the room
Long hair, long legs, short skirt
I thought my heart was gonna lower the boom

You think you know the difference
'Tween Heaven and Hell
Take a look at that girl
Well you never can tell

I'm the kind of guy who takes a lot of pride
In my heart of stone
But I couldn't bear the thought of that little girl
Having to leave that joint and go home all alone

You think you know the difference
'Tween Heaven and Hell
You take a look at yourself
Well you never can tell

Well I loved the feel of my hands
On the smoothness of her skin
And the taste upon her lips
It was so sweet
Come morning my sweet angel
And my wallet both were gone
Couldn't find my shoes and pants
I was tangled in the sheets

I had to get back home
Without the benefit of my car
A red '65 Mustang
I'd had for years
They found it 2 weeks later
Out on the Interstate Highway
The car was trashed and so was I
I couldn't stop my tears

I look back on my misadventures
I took it like a man
And if I find another girl who looks as good as that
Well you can bet your sweet ass I'm gonna do it again

You think you know the difference
'Tween Heaven and Hell
Sometimes they're one and the same
You know, you never can tell

Bill West - Vocals / Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums / Backing Vocals

© 2009 all rights reserved

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