Goin' Home

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My eyes are gettin' blurry and the wind blows cold
It never gets any easier just doin' what I'm told
I don't much like it, but Lord what can I do?
I do my job and I bide my time 'til I'm home with you
That's the way it goes so I hold on
We do what we gotta do and we keep hope all along
Time passes by and no one wants to be alone
And it won't be long until I'm Goin' Home

An old man on the corner, his clothes are torn and frayed
His hands shake, his speech is slurred, he's seen better days
We all say he made his choices and Lord knows that is true
So we turn our back and we walk away, there's nothing we can do
That's the way it goes it's a cruel, cruel world
He turned his pages as his life unfurled
Time passed him by and now he's left all alone
It won't be long until he's Goin' Home

Yesterday's so far away and tomorrow may not come
What seems so hard for most of us, is easier for some
There are people who don't like you and I
Their minds are bent on what they believe and innocent will die
If that's the way it goes and we can't unite
If we turn our backs and abandon the fight
It was foretold in that ancient tome
The time will come when we're all Goin' Home

Bill West - Guitars / Bass
James West - Vocals / Guitars / Drums

© 2008 all rights reserved

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