Three Sisters

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There's three sisters standing in a row
Each one hot enough to steal the show
Smokey Blue
That dusky hue
She got what it takes to take me where I want to go
When I feel down
She comes around
Everybody gets to feelin' that way sometimes, I know
She got her roots in the bayou, deep in the ground
She's down home, she's up town

Corn fed beauty way out in the sticks
Gotta get her to town so I can get my kicks
My Lurlene
She's a Honky Tonk Queen
Comes to riding that pony's got plenty of tricks
She'll come 'round here
When I cry in my beer
'Cause your cheatin' heart left scar tissue three inches thick
She got her roots on the farm, deep in the ground
She's been to the city, well she's been around

Sweet Roxanne rolls like a pair of dice
You do it once she wants to do it twice
I need her the worst
She's my first
She's hotter than hell or else she's as cold as ice
She's made me cry
She's gotten me so high
To go the places that she's taken me you gotta pay the price
I know she's only what she is, that's true
But I like it, like it, yes I do

Bill West - Vocals / Guitars
James West - Guitars / Bass / Drums
Tina West - Backing Vocals

© 2008 all rights reserved

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