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I smelled your Stetson long before you walked into the room
You expect all the ladies to turn their heads as you come through the door
You swagger and you pose, using all the right moves
Those boots you?re wearing probably cost a months rent or more
Then you look in my direction
Your intent is loud and clear
You want some good old-fashioned affection
But you think an aphrodisiac is a six-pack of beer

Your belt buckle looks like a serving plate I used to own
That shirt looks mighty fancy with the stitching and the pearls
You?re singing some Kenny Chesney, I?ve got my doubts about him
I?d rather hear some music from a man who likes girls
You wanna put yourself in my position
But we don?t see eye to eye
You say you?ve got the ammunition
But without the hat and boots you?re only five feet high

That truck you?re driving is like a tank with tires two feet wide
You probably need a ladder just to reach up to the door
The gun rack and mud flaps and the chrome from front to back
With pants that tight it?s easy to see what you?re making up for
So you just move along now
Into the sunset you can ride
I don?t mean to burst your bubble
But there?s only so much a cowboy hat can hide

From the album "The Scientific Method"
by Bill and James West

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitars / Bass
James West - Guitars / Drums

© 2008 all rights reserved

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