Big Nose Welcome to my little weightlifting and general fitness site. I have a few thoughts on exercise, nutrition and generally living a healthy life to share with you if you care to see results. (if not then go back to eating your pizza). The information available on this website can help you achieve your fitness goals, while still living a normal life that includes career and family. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts here, just straight forward information and facts that are indisputable. It will take work and commitment, but the results will be well worth the effort.


The philosophy behind my system, much the same as all other systems, is based on simple fundamentals that  can be broken down into three basic segments. Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Exercise, and Diet. All three are equally important. Taken alone, none of these aspects will provide the results that you want, they must be utilized in concert with each other. You will find sections on all three of these aspects throughout my site, but here is a quick summary;

Resistance Training, (weight lifting), is the basis for building muscle and strength. It will provide the basic foundation, size and shape, but will not provide the detail without the other aspects of the system.

Cardiovascular Exercise, (aerobics), provides the "fitness" portion. It burns calories, (fat), as well as providing endurance and stamina. Heart health and lung capacity are also benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

Diet feeds the body with the proper fuels and provides quality material with which the body can build. You simply will not function satisfactorily unless you fuel yourself properly. All of the exercise in the world will not provide satisfying results if your diet is bad. No one can see muscles that are obscured with body fat, and without proper nutrition you won't be building those muscles anyway.


Ladies, forget that crap about how you will get muscular like a man and lose femininity. Unless you start altering your hormone balance, (taking steroids for example), what weightlifting will do for you is firm and shape your legs, thin out your waistline, (by burning excess fat), tone your arms, and give you shapelier breasts and buttocks, and I'm sure you would just hate that. Workouts That Work works for women just as well as for men.

See: Weightlifting For Women


mug shot my beautiful wife I am just a 51 year old landscaper from Colorado who got a little too soft as I left my early adult years, and decided to do something about it. I have to give most of the credit to my beautiful, loving wife for getting me started. She decided that she was not going to let the fact that she had two children be an excuse to let herself go, and now in reward for her efforts, she is still as sexy as she was when I met her, (at the ripe old age of 16, but that is completely another story altogether, and hey, I was only 21), and as a matter of fact, she is even sexier! So inspired by her, I took it upon myself to become educated as to the proper way to lose weight, and I lost too much. So educating myself some more, I finally formulated what I believe to be an excellent recipe for real people to stay in great athletic shape.

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Another Liftin' LawyerBasically I mean people that have real lives, families, full time jobs, and cannot spend all of their time running around in lycra spandex working out as a full time occupation. My program can make you look like a bodybuilder if that is what you want, but I really just target people who want to be in a hell of a lot better shape than anyone that they know! My workouts can be done in the morning before going to work, leaving you energized and ready to take on the day. My basic philosophy involves alternating days between resistance training, (weightlifting), and cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise, (jogging is my personal favorite, but there are other options).


I guarantee that it will!! Now remember, I am not promising a "Quick fix in only ten minutes a day" type of thing, this is hard work by necessity! Your body will not adapt unless you subject it to workloads above and beyond what it is used to. But stick with it, and you WILL be rewarded. One thing I must stress, however, is this; My views on physical fitness do not include trying to look like a particular idea of what the "perfect" body is. You should strive for one thing, and one thing only, to achieve your own personal best. Personally, I am never going to look like a professional body builder, or a superstar actor or whatever, but I do feel thoroughly energized and positive when I work out regularly and eat healthier. Do not put unreasonable expectations upon yourself as so many people do, especially women, it unfortunately seems. You may look like a super model, and then again, you may not, but you will undoubtedly be improving your enjoyment, and quality, of life.

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September 11, 2001