Proper Form

The Surgeon General has determined that improper form may cause conditions that hurt like a mutha' and could screw you up for a long time!

You MUST use proper form in order to get the full benefits of a weight training program

Here you will find weight training exercises that are categorized by body part. Remember that it is very important to exercise your entire body uniformly. Do not concentrate on what you view as areas that need work while ignoring others. Your body functions as a unit and as such should be treated as a unit. Create an anabolic environment for you entire body and you will see much better results.

The proper execution of your workout is of utmost importance. Improperly performing a movement is counterproductive at best, and can be downright dangerous at worst. Never sacrifice good form for the sake of moving more weight. You will be much better served, and you will see much better results, by using weight that you are able to handle properly. Don't let that be an excuse to slack off on your effort though, you still need to strive to increase your resistance poundage, just do it in a steady methodical increasing manner.

As a rule, movements should be at a steady controlled pace. Don't try to rush through your repetitions. Don't swing, jerk or bounce or bounce the weight, (or yourself in the case of bodyweight exercises).

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Chest MusclesAbdominal MusclesShoulder MusclesShoulder MusclesBicep MusclesBicep MusclesLeg MusclesLeg MusclesCalf MusclesCalf MusclesForearm MusclesForearm MusclesBack MusclesShoulder MusclesShoulder MusclesTricep MusclesTricep MusclesForearm MusclesForearm MusclesLeg MusclesCalf MusclesCalf MusclesLove Muscle

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September 11, 2001