Alcohol and Drugs

Okay, don't get me wrong, I am not about to get going on a holier than thou type of dialogue about the evils of drugs and alchohol. When the Broncos proved to the rest of the world that they were the best, I had a few beers under my belt, (okay, maybe I remember something about some tequila too), I know all about getting the "munchies", and lord knows going to high-school in the 70's was like a psychadelic experience in itself, but everyone needs to know their limits! And, of course, you should never, ever attempt to operate a motor vehicle after having had too much to drink! Not only do you endanger yourself, but you put other peoles lives at risk, and no-one has the right to do that!


It is no joke seeing someone who has wasted any chance of living a normal life because of an uncontrollable addiction! (And believe me, I have seen it in it's ugliest form!). And it goes well beyond just dependence.Yeah, right I know from personal experience that the short span of "euphoria" experienced from some of the harder substances such as cocaine, and the much longer high from amphetimines, cannot make up for feeling like pure shit for up to two days afterward. Certain substances get a reputation because they earn it! Personally, I do not believe that marijuana belongs lumped together with drugs like cocaine, amphetimines, heroin, and the like. I think the difference between natural and man-made substances is a very real distinction, and it is definitely not just an arbitrary thing. But anything that controls your life all the time can't be any good for your health, mental or physical. Also, you should consider the fact that using and/or possessing certain substances can land you in JAIL!

You're under arrest, just let me finish my donut



I am now, (and have been for quite a number of years), 100% alcohol and drug free. It is much more enjoyable to me to leave an event like the State Fair, or a Renaissance Festival, etc... feeling alert and fresh, not sloshed and groggy, but that's just me. I am not about to presume to tell anybody not to indulge once in awhile. If you are a responsible adult, you have probably earned the right to a little stress reduction in the form of mind-numbing substances. Knock yourself out!! (literally)


One thing that you should remember about alcohol is that it contains a good amount of calories, (7 calories per gram). So not only do you need to think about the health factors and the habit-forming factors, but you also should think about the fat-factor! (See; Nutrition)

My own serious opinion is that adults need to make adult choices, and the wrong ones can ruin your life, or

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September 11, 2001