The Lean Years Bruce, Jerry and myself continued on as a three piece calling ourselves Anvil for a while. We even got fired from a local bar called The Union Station because of our drunken debauchery, and that of our loyal following. We hooked up with a guy named Bill, (believe it or not). I think his last name was Hutchenson or something. We just called him Bill H. He was a pretty good guitarist but he didn't even own a guitar. He played a really sweet Ibanez Artist that I had borrowed from a girl I knew. He also used a borrowed Acoustic amp with a Orange cabinet. That didn't last that long. It turned out Jerry was taking credit for writing songs that another guy named Mike Pizarck had written. I wonder if the little fuck ever swiped any of my songs...


Savage! Savage! Savage was the most succesful band I have been in, if not the best musically. I still think that Bill and I could keep up with anyone. Bruce and I hooked up with Steve Woodrum, (Woody). This guy plays a right handed guitar upside down. I don't mean like Hendrix did, Hendrix switched the strings around. Woody leaves them so the low E is now on the bottom, the High E is on the top, and all of his chords are upside down. What a freak! Anyway, Woody said he knew a guy named Brian Dehls, who could play bass. Brian didn't own a bass mind you, but he had just gotten a keyboard for Christmas. Woody figured Brian could trade that in for a bass, which he did, a short scale Fender. Funny, Woody didn't even have a guitar at that time, but he played Brian's Les Paul. We had a good run for a few years, playing lots of bars and big parties. We cut a demo tape at a local studio, and even got some interest from a record company, but drugs and alcohol always found a way to screw things up. We split up in 1984.

Below you can play two tracks from our demo tape, recorded on October 25, 1983. An original track, "Savage", and a cover of the old blues tune "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", done more or less Foghat style. The sound quality is poor because they were digitized from a twenty-two year old cassete tape that had been through hell.

I Just Wanna Make Love To You

What a Fox!I got married to a beautiful woman named Tina in 1985 who is an awesome singer, (Click Here For Proof), and we have two incredible children, Amber and Jimmy, both in college. Bruce died in 2004, and Brian died in 2005. So now I am basically a landscaper with a lot of music inside of me, trying my hand at recording some stuff myself. I am not trying to get rich and famous or anything like that, but if I can get my music out to some people who listen and enjoy it, then I have accomplished something. To top it off, things seem to have come come full circle. My brother Bill and I are collaborating on some new music and recording it. It feels right and, I think, it sounds pretty good too! Check it out here! I am really exited about this and I think anyone who listens will be too!