The Battle
by Bill and James West
featuring Tina West

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Foul dark forces amassed at the border
And now they wage their attack
Fifty thousand strong armed and ready
Fifteen hundred to turn them back
The Overlord in his ghastly form
Oversees the horrendous fight
He dares not allow She Who Was Foretold
To survive for one more night

The Villagers rise to the challenge
They must overcome their fear
The fate of all free people is at stake
Although they are vastly out-numbered
And meagerly they're armed
The evil that comes they know they must unmake

Like cattle brought forth to the slaughter
The villagers begin to fall
Still they fight with passion and fury
With bravery, one and all
Even those who doubted the most
With their neighbors they make a stand
The sooner to die than to let the darkness
Fall upon their land

The battle rages unmercifully
The outcome all too clear
How may simple folk even dare a chance?
They defend their lives and homes and kin
To the very death they'll fight
Yet what chance have they of stopping this advance?

The Wizard now steps forward
With the foul one face to face
A thunderous clash and the evil is vanquished
Gone without a trace
Yet how could one so powerful
Be done in such a way
The Wizard's lifeless body
Tells of sacrifice this day

The minions now have no desire
To complete this evil task
Their driving force forever more is gone
The villagers now see the power
Of The One Who Was Foretold
The guiding light to forever lead them on
The guiding light to forever lead them on

Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums
Tina West - Vocals

© 2009 all rights reserved

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