James West - The Killer Instinct
  1. The Killer Instinct 4:56 (James West)
    Featuring Bill West
  2. Seeing Things 4:33 (Chris & Rich Robinson)
    Featuring Tina West
  3. The Wonder Of It All 3:58 (James West)
  4. The Widefield Boogie 5:23 (James West)
  5. Don't Let It Slip Away 5:17 (James West)
  6. Shoppin' At The Fountain Wal-Mart 4:06 (James West)
  7. Unholy Resurrection 4:45 (James West)
  8. Give My Love To Rose 4:52 (Johnny Cash)
  9. All Things Pass In Time 5:32 (James West)
  10. Amazing Grace 3:20 (John Newton)
    Featuring Tina West and Bill West
Original Compositions BMI

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