James West - The Wonder Of It All

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When the sun shines bright, or the stars at night
Put a smile upon your face
And the grass so green, with the air so clean
You're in the perfect place
And the clear blue sky, and the mountains high
The spruce that grow so tall
The grand scheme of things and the joy it brings
Makes you think 'bout the wonder of it all

There's an endless sea, and it's calling me
With an ocean spray so fine
On an endless day, as I drift away
The whole wide world is mine
As the gentle breeze puts my mind at ease
And happiness comes to call
The way I feel is so surreal
Makes me think 'bout the wonder of it all

When the day is done and the setting sun
Begins to leave the sky
As I lay me down, my head spins 'round
I long to close my eyes
As I hold you near, and the sounds I hear
I wait for the night to fall
There's a lone skylark as the sky grows dark
And I think 'bout the wonder of it all

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