Boogie On
by West
Written by Bill and James West

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I've been travelin' down this road
Seen places where I've been
And I see people standing
Waiting for life to begin
They lay their plans so carefully
So life won't touch their heart
And as they near the finish line
They figure out it's time to start
So deal the cards and place your bets
You've got to live and love with no regrets

You're young and you're still in that place
Where time will never pass
Wake up pull your head out
And get up off your ass
You've hurt some and you've gotten hurt
Forgave and been forgiven
You know you've got to realize
What you're doing is just livin'
Your life is what it's always been
It's never too late to start all over again

I've done some things I'm mighty proud of
And some I'd never tell
I've been to prayer meetings
And I've spent time raisin' hell
I've had men fall down at my feet
And I've been shot down in flames
I've loved every one of them
And some I never knew their names
Don't live your life on the run
Just have a good time, and Boogie On

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Acoustic and Electric Guitars / Bass
James West - Electric Guitar / Keyboard / Drums

© 2010 all rights reserved

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