Cut The Crap
by West
Written by Bill and James West

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I can see you comin' from a mile away
But you never seem to get the hint and quit
I have to bite my lip at the things you say
I have a very low tolerance for bullshit

Here comes another story I wonder what this will be
Are you ever gonna shut your yap?
Do you really think that you're believable?
I guess what I'm sayin' is?
Cut The Crap

Do you really think I'm that gullible?
I don't always believe what I'm told
Did you used to be a spy, or was it the FBI?
All the things you say you've done you'd be a hundred years old

It's like you're tryin' to convince yourself
But you've fallen into that trap
No one's believing a word you say
So save your breath, and?
Cut The Crap

Go George, Go!!

When you've finished your latest performance
Do you think we'll all stand and clap?
You won't be getting an Oscar anytime soon
So sit down, shut up and?
Cut The Crap

You flew in the space shuttle two or three times
You were a General in the Vietnam war
You won the Nobel prize and the Super Bowl
All by the age of twenty four

All this lyin' has got to wear on you
One of these days you'll snap
The truth be tumblin' down, liable to break your crown
It would have been so easy just to?
Cut The Crap

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitars
James West - Guitar / Bass / Drums

© 2010 all rights reserved

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