Easy Now
by West
Written by Bill and James West

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I was sure it was the end of the world
Turns out I was just another girl
It was the world's worst pain, my oh my
Turns out he was just another guy

It's Easy Now
Seems so Easy Now

In the play of life we play different parts
The spotlight shines on the broken hearts
I thought my race had all been run
Ready, set, it hadn't even begun

It's Easy Now
Seems so Easy Now

When you've been hurt you lash out in pain
Don't want to see his face, don't want to hear his name
Just take the time to let it cool down
You'll see you're not the only one who felt like a clown

It's Easy Now
Seems so Easy Now

It's Easy Now
It all seems so Easy now

Tina West - Vocals
Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums

© 2010 all rights reserved

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