Bill and James West - Peculiar Point Of View

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While contemplating my navel just this morning
The thoughts I thought, I think, were so profound
I solved the age-old question of what life's all about
And now it's time to spread enlightenment around

You gotta find yourself a TV show that makes you laugh and cry
A comfortable bed pillow will help the time go by
Establish what's your favorite brand of shoe
And look at life through a Peculiar Point Of View

The secrets that I now impart upon you
The path to happiness forever more
Though hidden from the masses for untold ages
I found them, yes I've opened up the door

You've gotta hang your hammock between two perfect trees
A favorite classic record album's always sure to please
Get yourself a guitar that plays oh, so true
And look at life through a Peculiar Point Of View

If I kept it to myself, why I'd feel guilty
I really have no choice except to share
The Universe is now stretched out before you
The fundamental truths are now laid bare

You gotta read all about Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash
And keep your eyes wide open for someone's secret cookie stash
These are things you'll find that you can do
When you look at life through a Peculiar Point Of View

Bill West - Guitar / Mandolin / Dobro / Bass
James West - Vocals / Guitar / Drums

© 2009 all rights reserved

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