Bill and James West - Promises

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I've got some things that I've got to get right off my chest
But gettin' gone's the thing that I've always done the best
My knees start to buckle underneath that load
Slam the door, turn the key, fire it up and then I hit the road

Well this house used to be a really wonderful place to stay
Now I wouldn't be seen here by the light of day
Well you can't figure out where the magic's gone
'Cause your receiver's turned off but you keep your transmitter on

It seemed too good to be true when we made our start
But I've never been too good with affairs of the heart
Like every time before that promise was a con
Pain and heartache's what you delivered on

Bill West - Vocals / Guitars
James West - Guitar / Bass / Drums

© 2009 all rights reserved

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