Bill and James West - Sanctity (The Loss Of Sanity?)

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When you're young you're told what the rules are
You've gotta work hard and do the right things
Keep you're head down and look forward to
Prosperity and all that it brings

But do you ever wonder why?
You'll get less and less the harder that you try

Day in day out it's the classic grind
You know nothing comes for free
You sacrifice and put it on the line
For your home and family

It's the American Dream
But things might not be quite what they seem

'Cause when the time comes for the payoff
For your hard work, your struggles and your strife
You're faced with me and I refuse to see
The Sanctity of Liberty and Life

Well you're older now and it's become so clear
That the dream seems to have faded
We gotta spread the wealth for universal health
Your rights must be downgraded

Trust me it's for your own good
You'll live your life just like we say you should

We'll eat pork straight from the barrel
To stimulate the economy
And if you dare dissent, you'll see where fairness went
Did you think that speech was free?

You'll be cast out as an unclean Pariah
Behold your newfound Messiah

But when the useful idiots come around
When their simple minds are clouded no more
Will I have the sense to step aside?
Can we avoid another bloody Civil War?

Bill West - Guitar / Bass
James West - Vocals / Guitar / Drums

© 2009 all rights reserved

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