Moonlight Madness

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The sun sets behind the mountains
And the moon rises in the sky
The blood runs cold within you
You've got the look of madness in your eye
Your soul screams for satisfaction
You're chilled right to the bone
This feeling inside, something you just can't hide
You roam the wild forever alone
You feel as if you're being pulled into eternal flame

The animal rises within you
Transforming how you look and feel
Your howl is from the pain and the torture
The agony is all too real
The full moon brings on the changes
The curse you've known for all these years
The age-old lore you know is so much more
Than superstitious primitive fears
You pray that you will be released from your eternal pain

Now the Moonlight Madness controls you
Your voice is a guttural growl
Your prey brought down with teeth and claws
As you release a primordial howl
An endless quest fulfilling basic desire
To satisfy that which you never will
The hunger will grow it's all that you know
To be fed by your latest kill
Until the day a silver bullet puts an end to your eternal shame

Bill West - Guitars / Bass
James West - Vocals / Guitars / Drums

© 2008 all rights reserved

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