I Saw Somethin'
by Bill and James West

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Well I went out to the woods, I had a batch in the still
With my best girl Irma and our cousin Phil
It was a regular day, real nice and warm
We'd been up all night, drinkin' up a storm
We was walkin' along about a half mile in
When I saw a big bloody hunk o' bearskin
Then off in the distance, not sure what it was
I Saw Somethin'

It weren't nothin' like I'd learnt in school
It got me thinkin' bout that feller, "The Fool"
He'd been rantin' and ravin' he was all uptight
And that magical feller said that he was right
Well we got to the place where the still had been
Found a torn up goat and some of his kin
Phil and Irma still aint quite sure, but
I Saw Somethin'

Folks back in town, you know, the gossips and such
Said I was samplin' my product a little too much
Well I've drank more and I've been sicker
But as a gen'ral rule I can hold my likker
I never have cared for hassles and such
And I never liked startin' up a ruckus too much
And I ain't the smartest feller in the village, fer sure, but...
I Saw Somethin'

Bill West - Guitar
James West - Vocals / Guitar

© 2009 all rights reserved

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