Two Apprentices
by Bill and James West
with Tina West

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(A flashback to a time long ago when the forces of magic ruled)


I've learned the lessons well that he taught me
I feel the force that flows throughout creation
I realize that power holds responsibility
I now accept this solemn obligation

But you, you mock all that is sacred
As evidenced by the venom that you spout
You think you've fooled the Master with your deception
But all the while he knows what you're about
He knows what you're about

He's just a doddering old fool and you're no better
Lick-spittle, lapdog, low born spawn of swine
You think you'll keep the secret just between you
But the power held within it ultimately, rightly, will be mine

Your responsibility is just a shackle
Designed to keep you crawling on the ground
Outdated words and ideals are mirages
But neither you or he is going to keep me from possessing what I've found

The ensuing confrontation was horrendous
The evil one hell-bent to take his toll
His body fell in battle, yet unleashing
His foul disembodied evil soul

He who was now Wizard took flight with me
Across the time as one might sail the water
I realize that now I'm bound no matter what I do
The evil searches for the Master's daughter

Bill West - Vocals / Guitar / Bass
James West - Vocals / Guitar / Drums / Keyboard
Tina West - Vocals

© 2009 all rights reserved

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