by Bill and James West

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There's a girl in the village, Sarina is what she's called
She arrived as a baby, but that's all that they recall
Sarina what mysteries do you conceal?
People like to talk, but they can't be sure what's real

They've often wondered what is different about you
You seem to do things no one else can do
Sarina is it true that you came from far away?
Is it true that you're destined for greater things someday?
Oh Sarina

You're looked down upon by the leaders of the town
Yet your head is held high, it could be wearing a crown
Sarina you need to listen to your heart
In this life we live we all have our own part
Oh Sarina

Bill West - 6 string Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitars
James West - Vocals / 12 string Acoustic Guitar / Bass / Drums

© 2009 all rights reserved

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