The Fool
by Bill and James West

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Well have you heard about this fool here in our town?
It seems he believes in Fairy Tales
He's beginning to bring me down
I think he's ready for a rubber room
He always kills my buzz with his incessant gloom and doom
"The Evil's gonna rise some day"
That's something that a fool would say

Just yesterday he stood here in the square
Ranting about some darkness
Growing out there in the world somewhere
About silly superstitions he did rave
Like the stories Mom and Dad would tell you to get you to behave
And while he rants, he starts to drool
The very picture of a fool

It's high time we did somethin' 'bout this fool
The way that he disrupts our town
There oughta' be a rule
We've been living happy for so long
We need to make him realize the turmoil that he brings is wrong
So people listen what I say
We need to drive this fool away

Bill West - Vocals / Guitar / Bass
James West - Guitar / Drums

© 2009 all rights reserved

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